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1200L Brewing System

This brewery is located in New Zealand. They ordered a set of 1200L brewing system from us. We worked on this system with the brewery owner for two and half years before ordering the equipment. His workplace area is very limited. So, this system is specially designed by his limited area. Our engineer installed this system on site. It is a great job!

Main equipment list is as follows:

1200 lt Direct Fired, 2 vessel brew-house ( Mash/ Lauter tun, Boiling kettle/whirlpool tank) with steam condenser

Manual button control panel and platform

4x 1200lt Uni tanks

1x 2400 lt uni tanks

6x600L single wall serving tank 

Stackable 10 bbl HLT under 1200lt mash/lauter tun

All hose, fittings, stainless T pieces, sight glass, volumetric meters etc

Mill , grist hydrator and Auger

100lt CIP

Manual 6heads bottle filler/capper monobloc


Glycol chiller unit and Cellar controller

Keg filler&cleaner